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Private Equity’s Diversification Illusion: Evidence From Fair Value Accounting
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unlisted companies
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—>Savvy Investor: The Best Private Equity Papers – 2017 Q1

Corporate Culture and Financial Reporting Risk: Looking Through the Glassdoor

Media Mentions:
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Innovation Worth Buying: The Fair-Value of Innovation Benchmarks and Proxies
Media Mentions:
—>World Trademark Review (July 10, 2017): Groundbreaking study suggests trademark count, rather than patent count, is a better predictor of innovation
—>Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT). (January 4 2018): Intellectual Property Collateralisation in the Age of the Movable Property Security Rights Act: The Case of Nakumatt Supermarkets
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Presented At:
—>United States Patent and Trademark Office
—>2018 International Trademark Association: Brands & Innovation Conference

Does the Market Value Professional Directors?
Media Mentions:
—>Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation (March 26, 2017): Does the Market Value Professional Directors?
—>BMP (August 21, 2017): Electing Directors with Consequences — Methods for Board of Directors Elections Matter
—>Bull Fax (March 23, 2017): Does the Market Value Professional Directors?